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music4running is a new project of subwave Internet.

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New 08-10: Sound example by myself dj.supersonic.ch , I just begun to produce music myself - with the brilliant Ableton Live 8 Suite Software. Listen and download it by clicking here. It's rather an arrangement than a real composition - in 165 BMP. Tested successfully. 6.6.MB, about 5 mins long. This track might sound a bit hard and fast in the beginning, but one gets used to it quickly because the speed is fine.

I'm into running sports and a real music fan. When training for marathon runs, I often listened to music and somewhen found out that when the beat of your feet matches the music, it's an enormous feeling - especially when that music is brilliant and has some strength in it. It can provide a lot more power and free serotonine so that you have a flying feeling .. like when dancing into trance ..
At yearly local half-marathon I was 10 min faster with the right music than the year b4, without more workout.
What makes a song good for running? First of all it's gotta be my style; electronic music, new wave, also alternative rock/pop/guitar sound from Coldplay or Radiohead ! Then the song needs the right speed; every step a beat, thats rarely fast even for hc-techno (around 170 beats per minute, BPM). Techno music for dancing (and not only jumping around) is most often around 130BPM fast). Or every 2.nd step a beat, means about 85BPM, that's another category of songs. Rocksongs like 'They eye of the tiger' (Survivor) seem to be in this speed. I'll try to find also music for every 3rd step; could be interesting when every beat hits on the other side foot.
A 3rd point beside style and speed could be the intensity and lengh of a track. Some people measure the usefulness of music by the lyrics . But as you are not always in the same running-mood we will concentrate here on the rhythm aspect.

Time-stretching software like 'CoolEdit Pro' is a thing we also want to put an eye on, we have good results with songs which are around 150BPM or more. My indend is to get the perfect trance hymn modulated into an endless running track..

Here's a techno mix (52MB) from KayCee with 170BPM, taken from an old mix-tape, quality is not so good but for running OK. Well .. for dancing that older techno was much too fast.

This is only a small intro page - soon more about m4r project here , stay tuned!.

Together with a musician we will try to produce our own runner's music and we'll provide mp3's in an onlineshop for (legal) download. Also we will list as many brilliant running tracks as possible, there is not too many, but together with you we should find 'em - e-mail to info subwave com if you want to participate.

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